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Track 1: Mainframe: ChangeMan ZMF and Other Serena Mainframe Products

Delivering today's business-critical mainframe software solutions is more challenging than ever, with continual new integrations needed and ever-changing development environments. From the leader in Mainframe Change Governance, learn how to extend Serena's mainframe solutions in today's environment using XML, Rexx Reporting or WD4Z. See how other customers have mastered the challenges and see what's coming around the corner for Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF.

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Track 2: Serena Dimensions: The New Dimensions CM Product and Features

Increasing complexity and business demands require a robust and comprehensive approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Join us to hear how you can leverage your investment in Serena® Dimensions™ and ChangeMan DS to visualize, enforce, and orchestrate change to satisfy these demands. Not only will you will learn about practical themes such as performance and tuning and general usage 'hints and tips', but also about the next generation of Dimensions and ChangeMan DS called Serena Dimensions CM that includes enhanced integrations with other Serena products, improved developer productivity features, and seamless IDE implementations. Naturally there will be live demos so that you can see for yourselves how exciting our new solutions are.

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Track 3: Serena PVCS Professional Suite: Serena’s Leading Version Control Product

Serena PVCS Professional is one of the most widely used tools of its kind and is an important part of Serena's broader ALM offering. With an integrated set of capabilities addressing the key requirements of the development organization, PVCS Professional reduces cost, improves quality and lowers risk for team-based development projects. Technical experts from Serena and the user community will provide extensive training on how to take full advantage of the robust capabilities of the product. The PVCS Professional track will address performance tuning, SCM and methodology best practices, integrations, Tracker to Serena® TeamTrack® migration and late-breaking product news to help you manage today's ever-increasing demands more efficiently.

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Track 4: Serena Composer, Serena Dimensions RM

The goal of every application project is to maximize the business value and accelerate delivery of the end application. Learn how you can guarantee stakeholder alignment and success easily by using Serena Composer to visualize and prototype business processes and then use Serena RTM to manage and trace those requirements throughout the entire requirements and development lifecycle. Discover how these Serena products collectively provide the industry's most complete solution for visualizing and prototyping applications, and managing requirements.

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Track 5: Serena TeamTrack

As a process management solution, Serena TeamTrack is often extended beyond the Application Lifecycle by Serena customers. Technical experts from Serena will show you how to leverage this unique and flexible product to increase productivity and efficiency through the organization. Real customer scenarios include defect and issue management, consolidated help desk and incident management, operational change management, pricing proposals, on-demand customer service, order processes, and other areas you may never have considered!

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Track 6: Solutions: Innovative Solutions to IT Management Concerns

Bridging business and IT? Bringing together Application Development and IT Operations? Trying to Tired of the confusion around the acronyms and buzz words today? ITIL, CMMI, CobiT, SOX, BASEL II, HIPAA, 21CFRp1, and so on. Some you have to comply with, some you implement in order to comply. Some cover part of your compliance, some cover other areas of compliance. Some overlap. While IT organizations are working toward a rational approach to common, standard terminology and leveraging best practices — all while reducing IT costs and risk, and increasing quality — the rest of the world is going nuts. This track is designed for IT Management to learn what others just like you are doing to manage the chaos and get it under control. You will go home with tangible, applicable ideas to improve your IT Services, have a better understanding of the differences and the complimentary nature of best practices.

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Track 7: Open Source, Eclipse and ALF

ALM processes in today's development and operational communities are supported by a combination of heterogeneous commercial, open source, and homegrown tools and technologies spanning every aspect of the lifecycle from Inception to Operations. Integrations in this environment are expensive, suffer from poor quality and are nearly impossible to maintain. Serena is leading the Eclipse Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) Project to define an open source interoperability framework leveraging SOA technologies so tools can be integrated and orchestrated to reduce the cost and improve the quality of ALM integrations. In this track, experts from Serena, ALF partners and the user community will discuss how ALF has progressed in the past year. They will clarify the benefits of using SOA to develop integrations, explain how the Eclipse platform and ALF work, and discuss how open source can be successfully incorporated into your organization.

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Track 8: Migration Lab: Hands-on Sessions to Help You Optimize Your Product

In the migration lab track, you can gain valuable hands-on experience on migrating from your existing Serena applications to newer versions and applications. We will have hands-on sessions for migrating from Version Manager, ChangeMan DS or earlier versions of Dimensions to Dimensions 10 as well as a session on the move from Tracker to TeamTrack.

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Track 9: Configuration Lab

The hands-on lab tracks give you the opportunity to test drive technology and experience new solutions. We are offering two lab tracks this year: migration and configuration. In the configuration lab track you will gain valuable experience configuring and customizing Serena applications and integrations for typical real-world solutions. You can try out ChangeMan ZMF customizations and XML reporting, learn how to design a symphony of orchestrations using ALF, develop in an AGILE manner with Version Manager, and automate and manage build environments in Dimensions.

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Track 10: The Answer Zone

Our Consulting & Services teams have unique expertise in the design, implementation and exploitation of Serena's ALM Solutions. This track focuses on Case Studies, hints & tips, and innovative solutions developed and used by Serena Consultants, and our Partners, to deliver practical solutions to solve real-world problems. During these sessions, Consultants will share their knowledge and experience, and allow ample time for Q&A, so bring your most pressing questions and get answers directly from the experts!

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